Tristan has worked as an independent music and audio professional since 1999, including a stint as chief engineer at Lumen Studio in Brighton between 2001 – 2011.

Projects have spanned pretty much all musical genres, instruments, types of TV show, radio spot and advert imaginable. Tristan has worked with Nick Cave, The Go! Team, Bonobo, The Damned, The King Blues and Dexy’s Midnight Runners as well as IE Music, Memphis Industries and XL.

Tristan also has an endless musical curiosity, and his tastes span every conceivable decade and sub genre. His passion and thirst for knowledge means he is always up to date with studio technology, industry trends and standards.


Releasing music as part of several projects, Tristan knows what it is like to be an artist, but also has all the knowledge you need from the industry standpoint having worked for and with numerous recording studios, publishing companies and labels.